In Nova Scotia, a single mother with two boys working full time

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replica bags china After paying for that and rent, afamily of four supported by one adult working full time and earning minimum wage would have only $924 left to pay for transportation, phone bills, dish soap and everything else needed to run a household,according to 2016 data.In the southern half of rural Saskatchewan, a week worth of groceries for a couple with children costa whopping $247 in 2015.In Nova Scotia, a single mother with two boys working full time for minimum wage would find herselfover $500 in the hole every month if she shopped based on Health Canada food basket.READ MORE:Who will be hit hardest if Canada’s food prices go up in 2017?The reality, though, is that most people tend to cut back on groceries rather than miss paying their bills, the most flexible part of a family budget. Canadians living in rural areas or so called urban food deserts would struggle to replicate Health Canada food basket not just because of prices but because of availability, said Michael von Massow, associate professor in the food, agriculture and resource economics department at the University of Guelph.When the only food store within reach is a convenience store, for example, much harder to get a healthy food basket for that price, said Massow.WATCH:How to eat well despite increasing food pricesTo protect your wallet from food price swings, switch things up and stock your freezerCanadians on a tight budget also have to contend with significant food replica chanel bags ebay price swings on a regular basis, said Massow. While the pace of food inflation has been holding rather steady over the long run, some products will inevitably see price spikes every year.Food prices can be as fickle as the weather, which affects crop yields. replica bags china

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