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This was the first horizontal well drilled in this specific layer of the Middle Montney in west Glacier. These wells were completed using modified frac techniques, as compared to earlier Middle Montney wells, to evaluate short and longer term production impacts. As expected, these two Middle Montney wells confirmed that the average recoverable propane plus (“C3+”) liquids yield of the Middle Montney wells in west Glacier is approximately 26 bbls/mmcf as compared to east Glacier which averages 50 bbls/mmcf..

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The show at Stretford at the Manchester Hardrock was the final

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There is great hiking. The farmers market is fantastic, there are about 5 breweries in town that make excellent beer. NMSU has a great campus, but I don think the med school is related to NMSU but i could be wrong. But when you were going slow, there would also be cars coming up behind you, so you had to dodge those as well. Let assume that each track has one obstacle. Each obstacle is represented by an equation a mod t where t is the time it takes that track to loop around, and a is the first time that obstacle comes up. linked here

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